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Day Care for Small Dogs

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Small, exclusive dog daycare in a home environment for medium to small dogs. £20.00  a day, free collection if required to local areas.
We have a fully astro turfed front and back garden and astro turf around the side of the house, which provides the dogs a large area to chase each other around and play games. We have high locked fences and gates and it is totally enclosed. There is no mud and the surface is non slip so they get chance to have a really good clean run around. After play time the dogs have a sleep in front to the tv with the fire on or nap outside under parasols when the sun comes out! before we know it , it is time for the next exercise session . The dogs make great friends and are all introduced quietly and safely together by Lisa who is our dog trainer. All dogs are given recall training with a whistle and treats which makes things even more fun. (please provide your own treats) 

Posh Pooch Party


Hi I’m Lisa Butler,

Bath time at Doggie daycare, Altrincham

Paddy having a bath

I have certificates in Dog training from the IMDT, that’s the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. I have held group dog training sessions in the South of England and now I’m back at home in Cheshire, I am currently offering Dog Training, Dog Walking, Home Boarding, Play Group Sessions and Doggy Day Care.  We are dog minders for dogs and puppies in and around Timperely, Altrincham Cheshire.  We also offer a training package and home boarding service.  As we are so close to Manchester Airport we can offer you free parking and a taxi service. Whilst your dog receives training and home boarding  you can relax on holiday knowing he or she is safe and happy.  This is also a good opportunity for me to look at any behavioural issues your dog may have whilst he /she stays.

Dog and puppy playgroups are at lunchtime Monday to Friday for an hour a day, I collect and return.  The dogs play with approximately four others of a similar size.  They are supervised by myself and one other person.  The play area is completely astro turfed  with secure fencing and the dogs are locked in. There are no fights as the dogs become great friends.  The dogs learn whistle recall.  The astro turf is clean so no muddy dogs when it is wet.  The length of the play area is longer than a tennis court so the dogs can get up to a good speed as they play and chase each other around.  All dogs are checked for vaccination, fleas, worms and checked for illness so that they are protected.  This type of exercise is far superior to walking and has so many advantages compared with the local park.  Only a few places remaining so please book quickly.

Doggy daycare is either a few hours in the middle of the day or all day and  I can collect and return, whistle training is included. 

My Dog training works very well because I train your dog /puppy alone, on a one to one basis, sometimes maybe with one other dog, then when your dog is ready to show Mum or Dad what he or she has learned we arrange an owner and dog session, possibly once or twice a month. That’s good fun because Mum and Dad can come in at the important time, when the hard work has been done.

Day care for dogs in Sale, Timperley, Cheshire.

Well I’m allowed to at home, so Lisa lets me at home to home, so long as no one else sees!!!

I have certificates in Canine first aid, I am CRB checked, I have full insurance and I have developed my home and garden to create a small Doggy Day care and training area I have named “Home to home”.

My small business is called “Home to Home” because your dog/puppy will go from your home, to mine and receive training in a nice relaxed environment and can also sleep over or board whilst you are

away….so no kennels are required.

My Doggy day care dog sitters/Crèche at “Home to Home”

Here’s Harry in his towel with seat belt on

As we all love our dogs so much we want to know that they are well looked after and extremely safe. Therefore I have thought out every scenario, from collection to return. My Car has been converted to make doggy travel safe; I am also fully insured in transit for the dogs as well as at my home.

Once back at Home to Home I have a fully astro turfed back garden for serious “mud free” running about and play in the winter (well spring, autumn and most of our “summer” too!!!), it is very clean and extremely soft on paws. We have a sprinkler, a paddling pool, toys galore, sun loungers and parasols for better weather. There’s all sorts, the back door is always open so access into the house is easy, we have high fences and we are securely locked in and very private. We have a doggy outside bath and shower for grooming and we do the majority of our training here at Home to Home.

Bertie after training, exhausted!

Bertie after training, exhausted!


Obviously the dogs walk out on a lead and travel in the car etc but I prefer safety away from parks and dogs we do not know and at least until I know we are very, very, very good at RECALL off the lead!!! A friend of mine has a huge doggy hydrotherapy pool  so if desired we can have days out swimming together too!

All you would have to do would be to pack a small bag for your dog, with a towel, a toy and a treat and any requests for the day, any medication, shampoos, brushes etc. and leave your dogs lead and collar.

Dog sitters, dog minders, dog training.

Time for bed Teddy


Treats for training are very important. A treat to a dog is not just a juicy piece of food, it may be a toy or even just the fact that after a few minutes training you allow your dog to go have a good sniff somewhere!, it’s that simple. Giving the right treat to the right dog at the right time is seriously important.
So please be generous in packing good treats each day for your dog, I will discuss this before training.

Home to Home Services include

Doggy Day Care.
Includes collection, walks games and play on private land.  No public dogs present.  So we can stay away from irresponsible dog owners and dangerous dogs.  Your dog will be in a group with dogs he/she enjoys playing with. 

NEW! Exercise through playgroups.
£10.00 per hour.

Dog care in Hale, Bowden, Cheshire

At the park with Mali and Bruce. Say “cheese”, smile Bruce all together!!!

Dog Walking
£10.00 per hour.

Home Boarding
£20.00 per day.

Puppy and Dog training
£30.00 per hour.

Behavioural issues.

Please telephone to make an appointment at Home to home or at your own home.
Big changes can be made in a very short space of time, I work with the dog and also with the  owners explaining the best ways forward. If you live far away I am happy to organise a package boarding service where your dog comes to Home to Home for a working holiday whilst you perhaps go away on holiday. We are based very close to Manchester airport and we can provide parking for your vehicle and a taxi service to the airport. So you can drop your dog off for his training break whilst you go and relax knowing your dog/puppy is in capable hands and that he or she doesn’t need to stay at kennels.

What is clicker training?

Clicker training has been used on all types of animals including dolphins, horses, chickens

Train my dog

easy peasy!

and dogs. It is a very kind and fun method of training. Clicker training is based upon rewarding desired/good behaviour with an appropriate treat (not just food).  Also distracting or ignoring bad behaviour.
To start the training we use a small square box that when squeezed makes a “click” noise. We also have a treat to use after the click has been given. The dog then makes the behaviour we require or a behaviour that will lead to the behaviour we require and we “click”. The click is instant upon the behaviour so there is absolutely no mistake to the dog that the click came upon the correct behaviour. The dog  comes to associate the click “marking” the behaviour and then a treat follows to reward the behaviour. This training is  improved and changed, we may add voice commands, reduce treats from constant to variable, make things less predictable etc. There are many different criteria that can confuse a dog in training, bad timing, too many distractions, the wrong rewards and too many commands etc.
That is why I have designed Home to Home dog training and day care and why I chose not to conduct large training classes. The distractions need to be kept to a minimum and the dogs need to feel safe and happy and most of all learn through reward and fun.

At Home to home we are constantly upgrading our facilities, we have just finished an outside covered area for toileting when its raining, a new security gate system at the front door too high to jump for the  big dogs and too secure for the little ones to wriggle through! We are currently making a new agility fun area outside on the astro turf and we have a new range of seat belts for the car.

Thanks from

Lisa Thanks for having Jasmine when I was away on holiday, she clearly loves you.
Kind regards David from
Evolve Hair Design Hale.

Dog walking in Timperely, Altrincham

Casper Relaxing

Dear Lisa
Thank you very much for the lovely photograph of Charlie at doggy daycare. I really do appreciate all you are doing for me.  He is a lovely dog but very strong willed. I have already seen a huge change in him, he is so much better  behaved even after three days. I feel you have been a friend for years. Tim makes a good cuppa too. thank you for taking me to the vets, they said he was a different dog already. Charlie says thank you for looking after him and next time Mummy shouts at him he will pack his toys and come back to you.
Sheila and Charlie.

Dog Care in Timperley, Cheshire

“I’ve popped the ball and now I’m guarding the gate!”



Harry has a safe, caring and very happy place to stay for the day. We have all learnt so much from Lisa about how a dog and owner should get along and its been great fun too!
From  Maggie and Ben.


You are quite a “special person” here goes,
A little about my (Gremlin) 17  month old Shorkie named Teddy, he had none of the characteristics of a Teddy, as I had allowed myself to spoil and lose complete control of being the “LEADER”, I couldn’t even get him to eat, without having to be his ‘slave’ and roll a ball back & to, over & over until his morsel had been eaten. (too many treats you see). I really had created a little monster & was so desperate for help.
Lisa from Home to Home to the rescue!
As soon as we’d made contact within days, Lisa was at my home, she observed Teddy and myself, and took notes; she was very clear with questions & her observations.

Teddy was booked into Home to Home & spent 6 nights with Lisa & her Family, as Teddy had not been socialized by me & barked at children on the TV so it was another issue being addressed. Lisa was in contact with me, letting me know progress, which put my mind at ease too.
Teddy’s behaviour was improved from the day he came home, Lisa also took Teddy & I on a walking session, for better walking strategies for me.

Lisa made a ‘personal plan’ for Teddy & me on his return home, so I knew how to continue with his success.

Teddy’s other ‘dread’ THE CAR oh boy! That dreaded car, LISA TO THE RESCUE AGAIN, she went over & above again, & actually accompanied, in fact drove us to the vets for his injection. The cherry on the top was, Teddy now has 3 1/2 days with Lisa, and on the 1st home journey there was no screaming neurotic, dog I could hear coming down the road URGHMMM!!! Pretty amazing or what.  I felt I could trust Teddy enough to take him to Pets @ Home the next day, I wasn’t quite in control of him, but when we were inside the shop, boy oh boy! He lapped up the attention from children & adults, which to me was the GIFT that Lisa has given me, one obviously of many.

Lisa, I cannot thank you enough, your strategies & strengths are endless, even to the understanding of breed specific needs, including the coats, as Teddy knots & tangles easily, you made me laugh when you’d bought him a toothbrush & toothpaste, hee hee, endless thanks Lisa xxxx’s from Debbie & Teddy ( the cat enjoyed a break too! )

Thanks ever so much you were sent from above, just in the nick of time!

We can recommend Rachael who provides the services listed below

Rachael Egan,  Reiki Master, crystal healing, Animal healer,
for help with emotional,  behavioral and physical problems.
I work with any animals,  particularly,  dogs,  horses,  cats and rabbits.
Please contact me for more information: 07828 025538
Based in Altrincham,  but will travel across Cheshire.


Tel Lisa on  0161 928 1395
07977 115580


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