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Hi I am Lisa Butler.

Welcome to my 5 star hotel and day care for small to medium sized dogs.

To provide a really safe, happy, loving holiday home and day care for your little ones, I have created Home to Home.

Firstly I trained as a dog trainer, then completely astro-turfed the grounds of the house, including the front and back gardens, down the side of the house and the decking area to create a totally clean, non-slip, flat area for the little ones to chase each other around, pick up speed and play games, the fences have all been changed so they are high and the gates are all locked, so it is totally safe and secure.

I then changed the inside of the house around to accommodate dogs so they can play nicely together and have their own rooms too.

Train my dog

Finally, I tweaked Home to Home to fit the new November 2019 government regulations for homeboarders and gained a five star rating.

It would be lovely to be able to say yes to all different types of dogs, however, I find that my business works best with just small to medium sized dogs, the dogs also have to prove to me that they are relaxed and happy before I can say yes to them joining the group for either daycare or homeboarding.

They all need to be able to get on together so last minute bookings aren’t allowed to new dogs, the dogs need to become familiar at day care before a holiday.

There are games, walks, grooming and different bedrooms to pick for your little one, so it is basically a bespoke boarding break for your baby!

We discuss a plan together for your dogs needs.  The dogs don’t have to join in on everything, they just do the things they like and then they can relax. It is lovely to see the dogs being dropped off, they run into the house all excited and charge out to the garden to see whose already here!

So it’s easy really, just send me an email and tell me a bit about your dog, his/her breed, his/her needs, your dates and if all sound ok then we can plan a date for you and your dog to come around, have a look and meet me and my dog Mia.

Prices from £20.00 per day for day care/ boarding.  Charges are by the day, not the night. Free collection/return locally

£40 per session for training and behavioural work, generally done at your own home.   

Here are some of the Cockapoo club, all best mates!

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