Hi Lisa,
Just a note to say thanks for your one to one training with my re-homed greyhound “Keva”. Your recommendation regarding her diet was spot on. I learnt that the food she came with was high in protein which made her very anxious on our walks. I have since changed her to a low protein retired racer diet, and she is now more settled thanks to your early work.
Your one to one training highlighted Keva’s capabilities and limitations for me. Keva had come from a loving home but she had not had  much interaction with other dogs, so she was wary of other dogs approaching her. Thanks to you she now benefits from her interaction with larger dogs.
In addition your patience, sympathy and understanding for a new dog owner like me has meant I have finally got the confidence to enjoy my walks with her.
Your passion for you work stood out, and you were full of suggestions that we could try to see if they would assist. That said your honesty was refreshing and when you felt that some habits may never change you would say and would not allow me to enter into any unnecessary training.
Thank you for starting me on the road to being a contented dog owner.
Mrs Blacklock,

Dear Lisa

Thank you so much for teaching us to train Marley our 16 month Chocolate Labrador.  We adopted him just over 3 months ago and from day one he was great in the house and in the car but a bit of a different story on his walks.  Being a Labrador he is so sociable and just wants to “say hello” to everybody and every dog we meet!  We tried a Halti to control him on his walks but that just left all of us frustrated. Marley would even have “sit-down” protests!!  Our vet recommended Lisa to us. Training with Lisa is so much fun and
we have come such a long way in a short time.  We are now confident in walking him in busy areas (which Marley loves) knowing we’ll be able to distract him. The re-call training is really working and thanks to Lisa, Marley is now really good off the lead.
We have just come back from a long walk on the  Devisdale dog park where Marley had a great time playing with all the other dogs…. AND he kept coming back to us. Result!!
Thank you so much for giving us the Marley we knew he could be and he deserves to be after being in a rescue centre.
Happy faces all round and a happily sleeping MarleyThanks
Stephen & Saskia and Marley

We asked Lisa to help us with our 2 year old schnoodle Baxter as we were unable to trust him off lead – he would run off when he saw other dogs or people and would not always come back when asked. The training has been very successful – after just a few weeks he is coming back to a call or whistle every time and even comes back without being called! He is also running off less. Friends and family have said how much calmer he seems. It has been worth every penny and Baxter really enjoys his walks with Lisa!

We can highly recommend Lisa from home to home dog services.
Not only does Lisa have a genuine love of dogs, her knowledge and patience are outstanding. We are very fortunate to have had Lisa involved in training our Cava chon and it has been remarkable how quickly Lisa has tackled the problems we had. With regard to the facilities… Lisa has an amasing dog friendly and totally safe haven for dogs to feel happy and secure. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
O’Malley family

Daycare for Dogs in Cheshire

Tilly at daycare

Tilly loves going to doggy day care at Lisa’s. Lisa phones three rings before she leaves to collect Tilly and Tilly goes mad, as soon as she hears the phone ring, she barks and wriggles around making putting her harness on a bit of a struggle, she is just so excited to go for her daily adventure playing with her best friends, Jackie, Harry, Lulu, Charlie and sometimes with the home boarders, she has made good friends with Milly and Smudge recently and Missy who comes for training.
I cannot even use Lisas name anymore, I have to say “the lady round the corner” or she goes mad!!!
Sometimes I walk Tilly past Lisa’s  day care and Tilly tries to run up Lisa’s driveway!
But I don’t blame her as Lisa is wonderful with her dogs.
Sheila and Tilly.

To Lisa
I would just like to say a big thank you to you. Since Charlie has stayed with you when I was on holiday, his behaviour has been so much better. Your advice has been so appreciated and he has come on in leaps and bounds. I will continue with your training advice
Thanks again
Vets assistant at Clarendon Veterinary surgery Altrincham.

I would definitely recommend Lisa’s dog walking, doggy day care and home boarding service.
Lisa is highly reliable and Jackie, my little Jack Russell, has lots of fun and is always happy to go with her.  After a very short time with Lisa, I found to my surprise that Jackie was already whistle trained and that was without asking for any training!!
Maria Lopez Anderson


Lisa Thanks for having Jasmine when I was away on holiday, she clearly loves you.
Kind regards
David from Evolve Hair Design Hale.


Dog sitting in cheshire

Casper relaxing in the sun









Dear Lisa
Thank you very much for the lovely photograph of Charlie at doggy daycare. I really do appreciate all you are doing for me. He is a lovely dog but very strong willed. I have already seen a huge change in him, he is so much better behaved even after three days. I feel you have been a friend for years. Tim makes a good cuppa too. thank you for taking me to the vets, they said he was a different dog already. Charlie says thank you for looking after him and next time Mummy shouts at him he will pack his toys and come back to you.
Sheila and Charlie.

Dog Care in Timperley, Cheshire

“I’ve popped the ball and now I’m guarding the gate!”

Harry has a safe, caring and very happy place to stay for the day. We have all learnt so much from Lisa about how a dog and owner should get along and its been great fun too!
From Maggie and Ben.

You are quite a “special person” here goes,
A little about my (Gremlin) 17 month old Shorkie named Teddy, he had none of the characteristics of a Teddy, as I had allowed myself to spoil and lose complete control of being the “LEADER”, I couldn’t even get him to eat, without having to be his ‘slave’ and roll a ball back & to, over & over until his morsel had been eaten. (too many treats you see). I really had created a little monster & was so desperate for help.
Lisa from Home to Home to the rescue!
As soon as we’d made contact within days, Lisa was at my home, she observed Teddy and myself, and took notes; she was very clear with questions & her observations.
Teddy was booked into Home to Home & spent 6 nights with Lisa & her Family, as Teddy had not been socialized by me & barked at children on the TV so it was another issue being addressed. Lisa was in contact with me, letting me know progress, which put my mind at ease too.
Teddy’s behaviour was improved from the day he came home, Lisa also took Teddy & I on a walking session, for better walking strategies for me.
Lisa made a ‘personal plan’ for Teddy & me on his return home, so I knew how to continue with his success.
Teddy’s other ‘dread’ THE CAR oh boy! That dreaded car, LISA TO THE RESCUE AGAIN, she went over & above again, & actually accompanied, in fact drove us to the vets for his injection. The cherry on the top was, Teddy now has 3 1/2 days with Lisa, and on the 1st home journey there was no screaming neurotic, dog I could hear coming down the road URGHMMM!!! Pretty amazing or what. I felt I could trust Teddy enough to take him to Pets @ Home the next day, I wasn’t quite in control of him, but when we were inside the shop, boy oh boy! He lapped up the attention from children & adults, which to me was the GIFT that Lisa has given me, one obviously of many.
Lisa, I cannot thank you enough, your strategies & strengths are endless, even to the understanding of breed specific needs, including the coats, as Teddy knots & tangles easily, you made me laugh when you’d bought him a toothbrush & toothpaste, hee hee, endless Thanks Lisa xxxx’s
From Debbie & Teddy ( the cat enjoyed a break too! )

Tel Lisa on 0161 928 1395
07977 115580

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